The Advocate: State halts TOPS payments to colleges, universities in the face of budget crisis

Within the past week, many in-state students at LSU started to panic over the news that the state halted TOPS payments to all universities in Louisiana. Gov. John Bel Edwards had to make some very tough decisions in order to fix the budget problem Louisiana is facing. Funding TOPS for the next fiscal year would cost over $300,000 million, which unfortunately led to the pause on TOPS payments. The claim of this article is that TOPS payments were halted for Louisiana’s budget crisis sake, and the evidence is the amount of money Louisiana is in debt, which is why cutting out TOPS was a necessary part of Edwards budget plan. This article was extremely upsetting for me because if I did not have TOPS next semester, I would have to leave LSU because my family couldn’t afford paying the expensive tuition. I’m sure many other students would agree with me. I believe that TOPS gives students like me the opportunity to fulfill our dreams of going to college to get a degree that aids us in pursuing our dream careers.



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