Kevin Gates was interviewed by Stacey Dash on the topic ‘BlackLivesMatter’. To sum up this 3 minute interview into a few sentence, Gates basically was explaining that All Lives Matter, not just black lives. Gates, a two time convicted felon, explained his ignorant and belligerant lifestyle he used to live and how he deserved the way the police treated him. He  believed that the way one conducts themselves directly correlates with how the police treat all people. What I found very interesting about this article was Gate’s view on the ‘BlackLivesMatter’ movement. For being a black, convinced felon, who raps about drugs, sex, and violence, I would have never expected Gates to have such a stance on the topic at hand.



Will Louisiana Be the First Southern State to Legalize Weed?

The people of Louisiana were hit with brutal news earlier this month when Gov. John Bel Edwards announced budget cuts. Louisiana is approximately in a 900 million dollar deficit and we need solutions to pay off debt. Abby Haglage, a journalist for The Daily Beast, recently published an article regarding the legalization of weed in Louisiana. The reason Louisiana is exploring this idea is because they are trying to come up with ways to pay off the major debt. Seeing that Colorado raked in about 900 million dollars from recreational marijuana has “conservative pot prohibitionists” changing their minds. What really caught my attention about this article was the fact that the state who is notorious for its strict marijuana laws would be completely flip flopping to the other side of the spectrum. I think legalizing weed would be beneficial to Louisiana’s economy.