“Cannabis Captiva: Freeing the World from Marijuana Prohibition.”

This scholarly article written by Stephen B. Duke touches on various reasons weed should be legalized, the steps the government would have to take to legalize weed, and reasons people disagree with the legalization of weed. Duke has supporting evidence of why alcohol, tobacco, and obesity are more threatening than marijuana, which is very believable.

It was also said that marijuana is most definitely not linked to violence when under the influence. Normally when people smoke or ingest an edible, it it common to want be very lethargic and want to eat food.

Duke’s last and biggest claim was the amount of people who are arrested for drug violations. In 2008, 1,702,537 were arrested for marijuana possession. Too many young lives are severely damaged because of a petty drug charge; its cruel and not necessary.



Good article for drug violation statistics and effect on health.



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