“The Economic Benefits of Marijuana”

Nikola Kovic wrote his theses on “The Economic Benefits of Marijuana” which entails everything under the sun that you would want to know about marijuana and the legalization of the drug. What I really took from this article was the economic aspect of why marijuana should be legalized. Kovic believes that marijuana legalization has one important advantage over decriminalization; that is, it allows taxation of production and legal sales of marijuana. He shows a diagram that concludes that the support for marijuana legalization was slowly grown from 1970-2010.

Kovic briefly talks about a statistic that states:

“According to National Drug Strategy Household Survey (2012) about half of all Americans reported that they used marijuana.” Which is not surprising, but was music to my ears.

To conclude his article, Kovic’s states ten reasons for marijuana legalization.

This article would be good for economic and socioeconomic stance on the legalization of marijuana. (tax revenue and cut spending)




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