LSU student Baleigh Callaghan speaks on the TOPS issue

The state of Louisiana was hit with horrible news concerning this years deficit. We are 900 million dollars short for this upcoming fiscal years causing many to panic in fear of what is to come. Budget cuts will be taking place and they are hitting students and college universities hard. Baliegh Callaghan speaks on the issue of her situation regarding TOPS. There is a good quote in there that can be used in the research paper that is many students can relate to. It explains how she will not be able to afford living and going to school at LSU if TOPS is compromised. Its a very real issue students are unfortunately facing, like myself.

I found this article to be very relatable and interesting because i went to high school with Callaghan, she isa bright student who deserves the opportunity to go to college without the issue of money being a problem.


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