Marijuana Legalization in Colorado after One Year of Retail Sales and Two Year of Decriminalization”

In this article, there are a copious amount of statistics concerning the before and after the legalization of weed in Colorado. It touches on arrest and judicial savings, decrease in crime rates, tax revenue, economic benefits and more. What amazes me is that Colorado now has the fastest growing economy in the United States according to this article. The unemployment rate is at a six year low! At least 16,000 jobs were created for people licensed to work in the marijuana industry. Much of the tax revenue was funneled into education (hint hint Louisiana) as well. Overall, Colorado’s economy is booming.

This article is great for every aspect of my academic paper, especially the statistics. use the statistics for the TOPS paragraph (tax revenue funneled into education), the creation of jobs paragraph and how many jobs its brought to Colorado, and how the crime rate has dropped as well as the amount of marijuana charges.


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