“New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits from Marijuana Legalization.”

Article writer, Kit O’Connell, briefly writes about the positive outcomes marijuana has left on Colorado. Colorado’s experiment in legalizing marijuana has raked in millions of dollars of revenue which has led to education funding and a decrease in crime rates. The revenue being brought in by this drug are going towards the building of schools and educational funding as well. Most importantly, though, the money is contributing to the hiring of nurses for school. Why might some people ask? Well, it is mostly for educational purposes. The nurses are going to educate the children on marijuana drug abuse and underage possession of the drug. It was a great idea on Colorado’s part because it teaches the children about the newly legalized drug

I think this would be a good article to go off of considering the tax revenue and crime rates is a vast amount of what I will be talking about in my paper.

New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization


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