“Price of Prisons-Louisiana”

This article basically sums up how much prisons cost to run yearly in the state of Louisiana and how our taxes pay for the prisoners. It costed Louisiana 698.4 million dollars in 2010 to run and accommodate the inmates who live in prison. $17,486 is the average annual cost per inmate. These numbers seem scarily high and is disappointing to see that Louisiana tax payers have to pay such a costly amount. I’m sure plenty of the inmates were prosecuted for gang violence related to drugs, violence in general related to drugs, and marijuana possession. Louisiana can cut back and save millions if marijuana were legalized because some inmates would not be in jail if it weren’t for being in possession or getting in a fight over illegal drugs.

This article is good for comparing decrease in crime to Colorado and tax money spent to Louisiana’s prison budget for inmates and how much money spent overall.



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