“Marijuana Legalization Creates 10,000 New Jobs”

Christian Sarich, a writer for the NaturalSociety website speaks on behalf of the benefits marijuana has brought to Colorado. Aside from the hundreds of millions of dollars it has raked into Coloardo’s economy, it has also created thousands of jobs. These jobs have aided in the decrease of unemployment all the way down to 4.2%. the jobs offered range from working at dispensaries, retailing, ware houses that cultivate marijuana. Not only has it mae jobs like this, but also spinoff industry jobs. It creates jobs like coffee shops (weed related), gardening equipment for the cultivating of weed, and paraphernalia stores that sell bongs, pipes, etc.

I found this very interesting because its amazing how much one little plant can create so many changes in a states economy. Colorado has one of the highest economies in the United States right now thanks to the plant named marijuana. Great source when talking about the creation of jobs in Louisiana.

Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Creates 10,000 New Jobs


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