“Why Louisiana’s best option Is to Legalize Marijuana.”

This article by Brentin Mock is spot on. It holds so much information regarding Louisiana’s $900 million budget shortfall and its criminal justice issue and how to go about fixing these problems, that is, legalizing marijuana. Mock talks about how Colorado is using marijuanas tax revenue for the state insinuating that Louisiana should consider taking the same course of action. He believes that legalizing weed could be the solution for the states fiscal, criminal justice, and health crises. I found this article interesting because it was the first article I found regarding someones opinion on how Louisiana’s best option is to legalize marijuana.

A good statistic he briefly mentions that caught my attention was that the state spent more than $46 million in 2010 enforcing marijuana possession laws, which would be a good stat to use when writing about crime.

Overall, this is a good article to use as a foundation to go off of.



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